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Alumni Communication

Alumni Communication

The Alumni Communication Unit was established in 2017 to strengthen the ties and conduct joint work between the Turkish Education Foundation and its alumni, to improve solidarity, and to develop communication between alumni members.

Our goal is to keep the alumni information system up to date, so our alumni stay informed of events organized by TEV and each other, and to establish effective, efficient, and sustainable communication with our alumni.

If you are TEV alumnus, please visit our office for post-graduation information and contact us through any of our communication channels at any time using the addresses below with your questions and wishes.

In addition to granting scholarships, TEV also strives to support scholarship recipients in various ways to help transition their lives from education to work as fully prepared individuals.

TEV Mentorink, an online platform providing information and consulting based on mutual development, matches alumni, recipients, and ambassador organizations in the best way possible.

TEV MENTORINK was developed by alumni as part of a social responsibility project and was implemented in 2016.

The program provides our mentors with leadership coaching, opportunities to learn new things, and social fulfillment. Mentees, on the other hand, get the chance to liberate their dreams, benefitting from the experience of others. They learn and improve necessary skills, inspired by and under the tutelage of a role model.

Bringing our alumni and grantees together, the TEV Mentorink Program began accepting applications for its 4th term in April. In 2019, with support by our alumni, our mentor numbers increased more than two and a half times.

This successful work earned the Turkish Education Foundation the 2019 Mentorship Award, presented by THE EUROPEAN MENTORING & COACHING COUNCIL (EMCC). Established to promote and increase successful practices in mentorship and coaching, the EMCC is one of the two largest mentorship organizations in the world with over 6000 members from over 70 countries worldwide. TEV shared the award with one organization (The Island – an NGO from England focusing on children) and two individuals (Dr. Judie Gannon and Rajesh Misca).


The TEV Ambassadors Program began in 2019 to reinforce solidarity between our ambassadors, grantees, and alumni.

  • Our aim is for TEV to strengthen relations between scholarship recipients and alumni,
  • To lead social activities,
  • To promote the Foundation,
  • To improve the communication network, and
  • To support our scholarship recipients and alumni to increase their contributions to our foundation in every way possible.

We initiated the ambassadors program domestically in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, and abroad, in Germany, England, and the U.S. as a pilot implementation. Alumni have started to get together at home and abroad from time to time.