TEV - Partnerships



Institutions may donate conditional or unconditional scholarships to TEV.

These donations are one of TEV’s major resources, and help provide students scholarships pursuant to TEV Scholarship Regulations.

For donation projects:

İlayda Kaygusuz - Donation Projects 

E-mail: ikaygusuz@tev.org.tr, bagisprojeleri@tev.org.tr



Within the scope of the project implemented with the Bank of America Charity Foundation in 2023, TEV aims to improve TEV's grantees' English language skills and financial literacy skills. Through the financial support provided by the Bank of America Charity Foundation, TEV will enable TEV's grantees to participate in English language courses and financial literacy training sessions that will be organized within the Foundation.


A two-year project has been launched providing 200 female university students studying STEM fields with various financial, academic, personal, and professional support, as well as mentorship and internship opportunities.

Yapı Kredi Private Banking offers high merit scholarships to students studying visual arts, painting and sculpture, seeking to illuminate education with the light of the arts.
A scholarship fund was created with the Yapı Kredi Afife Theater Awards Scholarship Fund to support undergraduate students studying theater and stage arts, to eliminate the obstacles confronting young artists for the long-term.

The Kansai Altan Scholarship Fund is a new ray of hope for student victims of disasters, created as a sub-fund of the Turkish Education Foundation’s Let’s Improve with Education Fund to provide scholarships to students affected by fire or floods in 2021 throughout their education.

The Bosch Car Service Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to 100 vocational high school students studying motor vehicles and automotive fields to support their career journeys through training, planning, and internship opportunities.

A partnership was initiated with the Teleperformance Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships, mentoring and internship support to 50 vocational high school students for at least four years. In addition, to highlight the importance of technology in education, technology classes will take place in three schools in Diyarbakır, Uşak and Antalya to facilitate young people’s access to technology.

The founders of the We Live Healthy society, Nurçin and Okan Çağlar, created the We Live Healthy and VeNatura Scholarship Fund in partnership with Vefa Pharmaceuticals as part of a social responsibility movement. The fund continues to grow rapidly, providing scholarships to 50 students in the 2019/2020 academic year, 75 students in the 2020/2021 academic year, and 150 students in the 2022/2023 academic year, all studying Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, or Pharmaceutics.
Nurçin and Okan Çağlar created the We Live Healthy Scholarship Fund in 2021, with a second protocol. Donations come from proceeds derived by stakeholders who offer special discounts to the We Live Healthy followers every month. In its first academic year of 2021/2022, the fund granted scholarships  to 40 undergraduate students studying Agriculture, Food Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Dentistry, and Biochemistry, and provides scholarships to 50 undergraduate students in the same fields for 2022/2023 academic year.

Garanti BBVA celebrated the birthdays of its customers in partnership with TEV as part of the Birthday Donation Project. Initiated in 2021, the project continues to support our university students on their education journey.

Our foundation helped Allianz Insurance transform its internal gifts and acknowledgment certificates into charity. Contributions collected as part of their Celebration Day processes went to the “Self-Sufficient Girls Catching Up with the Future Scholarship Fund”, the “Loyalty to Corona Heroes Scholarship Fund” and the “Let's not Give Up Scholarship Fund”, supporting many students’ educations.

Following the Izmir earthquake, the “Trendyol Heart to Heart Scholarship Fund” was created for student earthquake victims in partnership with Trendyol. This long-term fund will support 29 student disaster victims affected by the Izmir earthquake throughout their education. Trendyol supports the “Trendyol Heart to Heart Scholarship Fund” through donations made on their employees’ celebration days as well.

Through a partnership started in 2020, Yemek Sepeti users can donate any amount they wish to TEV while paying for their orders. The TEV Meal Aid Fund is also integrated with the platform. Donations made in 2021 amounted to about 1000 meal scholarships.

On March 8th Working Women’s Day, the Givin App organized an event with HELLO! Magazine in Akmerkez where strong women, such as Nil Karaibrahimgil, Tülin Şahin, and Gamze Cizreli donated their own belongings or their brands’ products to TEV via the givin mobile app to contribute to the scholarships of young girls lacking financial means. At the same time, the Givin App celebrated the opening of the “givin” store with support of Akmerkez.

In 2017, the Turkish Education Foundation decided to gather all its support under one roof, starting a partnership with the Cargill Scholarship Fund to create the “Tomorrow’s Female Leaders Scholarship Fund” for the 2020-2021 academic year to support 63 female students studying various fields such as Law, Engineering, Veterinary Science and Zootechnics. In addition to scholarship support, grantees received mentoring and internship support. To strengthen recipients’ communication and highlight the importance of reading, scholarship recipients were given select books as a gift.  In March 2021, the TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School’s laboratory was renewed and made available for education.

TEV scholarship recipients received support through the Blendax-TEV partnership. Her Blendax was transformed into educational support for young people.

On World Sleep Day, a film was released with the #bizdeuyumuyoruz slogan for TV and digital streaming channels to provide support to the “Loyalty to Corona Heroes Scholarship Fund” to acknowledge the incredible efforts of healthcare workers during the pandemic.

İGDAŞ (Istanbul Gas Distribution and Trade Inc.) contributed to our foundation’s work to promote our “Loyalty to Corona Heroes Scholarship Fund” and the “Let's not Give Up Scholarship Fund” through visual work on bills issued to near seven million subscribers.

This partnership supports university students studying Fine Arts, Medicine, and Law through the “Take Responsibility Scholarship Fund." Five primary schools in Kocaeli, Balıkesir, Antalya, and Diyarbakır received building material support, and Celebration Day donations for employee birthdays continue to support the scholarship fund.

Our alumnus Ayça Özer continues to provide hope for our girls’ education by supporting the “Self-Sufficient Girls Catching Up with the Future Scholarship Fund” through proceeds she derives from visitors to her blooming lavender gardens created in Kırklareli in 2018.